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LAMP Stack supporting multiple vhosts
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Development LAMP stack with PHP 5.4

When build you will have a full LAMP stack with PHP 5.4 ( This image is a complete development environment with all necessary extensions.

This LAMP stack provides support for multiple vhosts as explained in the prerequisites.


As most developers I work on multiple projects/apps each having their own vhost name. I got used to use a logical domain name when working on such projects. This Docker image is thus based on a fixed structure for your projects.

Upon running this stack will try and find vhost configurations (see: running, on how to map your directories) and enable them in apache automatically for you.

Example accepted site structure:

sites /
        myexcellent.domain /
                conf /
                public_html /
                    web (optional) /
                logs (optional) /

In this example myexcellent.domain.conf consists of:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot "/sites/myexcellent.domain/public_html/web"
    ServerAdmin yourname@localhost
    <Directory "/sites/myexcellent.domain/public_html/web">
        AllowOverride All
        SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV dev
    ErrorLog /sites/myexcellent.domain/logs/error.log
    CustomLog /sites/myexcellent.domain/logs/access.log common

As you can see I use .dev as my local domain suffix. As a tip I would recommend setting up dnsmasq to resolve these subdomains to your dev machine. When you are not able to install or setup dnsmasq you will have to alter your local /etc/hosts file to resolve these domains. E.g.:


Building is simple just use:

docker build --tag=yourname/dev-lamp  .


To make all of this work properly make sure you run this docker image as follows:

docker run --name="web" -v ~/sites:/sites -d -p 80:80 yourname/dev-lamp

Where ~/sites is your local folder providing a strucure as explained in the prerequisites. Obiously running this image on port 80 requires you to have nothing running on that port. :-)

Additional Files

Upon build all additional files are copied/installed. Feel free to alter these. When you have great ideas make sure you share... \m/

Note on mysql

This is installed, but further configuration still needs to be done. I want to make sure you can mount a local folder for your mysql data.

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