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Working version of Brewskey/spark-server (opensource-fork from Particle Spark-Server)
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NOTE : The code is changing very fast, so dont use this image for production until a release is created
NOTE : You cant use Docker on Windows using virtual machine and shared folder ! Please use local files as permanent storage

NOTE : If you are coming from c182732, database will be reinitialised, so you have to add users and claim your devices again (devicekeys will be ok!)

Brewskey/spark-server (opensource-fork from Particle Spark-Server)

Startup a Working Spark-Server in seconds


  • nightly (latest commit from Repository, maybe not stable!!!)
  • latest (latest stable commit from Repository)
  • <CommitID> (Version from a specific CommitID)


If you want to start the image, you need a place to store all your runtime data (database files, keyfiles etc.)

Since Docker images are NOT VMWARE Machines, Docker Instances are completly stateless. So you have to bind directories to your Enviroment so the image can store persistent data

Create a directory for your production (lets asume you are in /runtime)

    mkdir spark-server

navigate to this directory

    cd spark-server

Create a data-directory so the instance can store all runtime files in this directory

    mkdir data

Your working directory is now /runtime/spark-server

To start the Server


$ docker run -p 8080:8080 -p 5683:5683 --volume /runtime/spark-server/data:/usr/src/localCloud/spark-server/data --rm --name sparkserver --hostname sparkserver keatec/spark-server:nightly


Type Connector Description
Port 8080 API Port for Spark-Server
Port 5683 COAP Port for Particle
Directory /usr/src/localCloud/spark-server/data Persistent Data Directory
Docker Pull Command