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TDE-exporter exports tables from KBC Storage into TDE file format(Tableau Data Extract).

User can run tde-exporter as any other keboola component or extractor etc., or register its run as orchestration task. After \run finishes, the resulting TDE files will be avaliable in Storage->file uploads section with URL to download.


The resulting file is always tagged by default tags tde and table-export, if the job proccess contains runId then the file is also tagged by runId in format runId-<runid>. If the runid is composed(eg 1234.9999) the only so called orchestrator part(before dot) is taken as runId tag value(e.g. from former case it would be: runId-1234). Configuration also allows append of custom tags along with default tags and runid tag(if present), see Configuration->Parameters->Tags.

Empty Values

TDE-exporter handles empty(or null) values as valid TDE specific null values except for string data types where the actual empty value "" is used. No error will ever be raised.


TDE-exporter is Keboola Docker component that supports custom configuration for \run API call described as follows:

\run API call:


request body(config JSON):

{ "configData": { "storage": { "input": { "tables": [ { "source": "in.c-ex-dummy.dummy" } ] } }, "parameters":{ "tags":["sometag"], "typedefs":{ "in.c-ex-dummy.dummy":{ "id":{"type":"number"}, "col1": {"type":"string"} }}}}}

Input tables:

Specified in request body in configData:storage:input:tables as array of {"source":<tableid>}. It can be customized(e.g. only specific columns or values) as described in Keboola Docker Input Mapping


Another part for request body as configData:parameters JSON object, contains:

  • tags: array of tags that will be assigned to the resulting file in sapi file uploads.
  • typedefs: defines datatypes mapping of source tables columns to destination TDE columns: <table_id(must match source from input tables)>: {<column_name>:{type:<column_type>}...}

"in.c-ex-dummy.dummy":{ "id":{"type":"number"}, "col1": {"type":"string"} }

##supported column data types
'boolean', 'number', 'decimal','date', 'datetime', 'string'.

Date and Datetime column data types specification

Data for these datatypes can be specified in format described in strptime function. Format can be specified in typedefs column definition e.g. {"col1":{"type":"date", "format":"%m-%d-%Y"}}. If no format is specified then default formats is used:

  • date default format: %Y-%m-%d
  • datetime default format: %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S or %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S.%f
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