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Collins Worker Service
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Status Update for Collins


Collins is a distributed task processor which can control worker nodes at various sites from a central console. Tasks can be scheduled, and executed at a regular frequency or be executed in an ad-hoc file. The worker nodes require only outbound IP access to the Cloud based API. A task is anything that can be wrapped in a Docker container, and output some basic HTML tags which will be rendered at the central console.


  • Added ability to add/delete jobs to UI
  • ACI linter plugin Completed
  • implemented DRF adapter for ember-data
  • verified ability to traverse firewalls

In Progress

  • continuing to cleanup UI
  • integration testing
  • some backend automations when jobs are submitted

Need help

If someone is familiar with Ansible, I think a cool next plugin would be to execute and arbitrary ansible-playbook and bubble the output up.


This project is under heavy development. The easiest way to start contributing is to run a dev environment using
docker-compose. The current docker file will map local volumes so your code is live at all times.

docker-compose build
docker-compose up


virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirementst.txt
python makemigrations
python migrate
python runserver

Beat Service

To start the beat service on the server side the following command is ran:

celery -A api beat -l info -S django


The client is the plugin manager, it is responsible for executing jobs


  • always_pass
  • always_fail
  • apic-acitoolkit-lint - Sample plugin using the acitoolkit lint application
  • apic-api-test - Test Authentication to APIC


  • [x] API can send/receive jobs
  • [x] Sample plugins
  • [x] Execute Jobs on celery workers
  • [x] Results associated with jobs (django ORM)
  • [x] API can send/receive results by job id
  • [x] last result functionality Dockerjob.results.last().result should populate last_result on Job
  • [x] Save results from jobs ran on celery workers
  • [ ] Job/Results detail view
  • [ ] complete executioner code
  • [ ] build executioner dockerfile
  • [ ] Job Schedule(periodicTask)
  • [ ] determine standard for plugin names _ or -
  • [ ] always_fail plugin pushed to dockerhub
  • [ ] always_pass plugin pushed to dockerhub
  • [ ] apic-api-test plugin pushed to dockerhub
  • [ ] apic-acitoolkit-lint plugin pushed to dockerhub
  • [ ] remote workers
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