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About KeePassXC

KeePassXC is a cross-platform community fork of
Our goal is to extend and improve it with new features and bugfixes
to provide a feature-rich, fully cross-platform and modern
open-source password manager.


The KeePassXC QuickStart gets you started using
KeePassXC on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer using pre-compiled binaries
from the downloads page.

Additionally, individual Linux distributions may ship their own versions,
so please check out your distribution's package list to see if KeePassXC is available.

Additional features compared to KeePassX

For a full list of features and changes, read the CHANGELOG document.

Building KeePassXC

Detailed instructions are available in the Build and Install
page or on the Wiki page.


We are always looking for suggestions how to improve our application.
If you find any bugs or have an idea for a new feature, please let us know by
opening a report in our issue tracker
on GitHub or join us on IRC on freenode channels #keepassxc or #keepassxc-dev.

You can of course also directly contribute your own code. We are happy to accept your pull requests.

Please read the CONTRIBUTING document for further information.

Note about KeePassHTTP

The KeePassHTTP protocol is not a highly secure protocol.
It has a certain flaw which could allow an attacker to decrypt your passwords
should they manage to impersonate the web browser extension from a remote address.
<!--intercept communication between a KeePassHTTP server and PassIFox/chromeIPass over a network connection -->
(See here and here).

To minimize the risk, KeePassXC strictly limits communication between itself
and the browser plugin to your local computer (localhost).
This makes your passwords quite safe,
but as with all open source software, use it at your own risk!

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