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Atomthreads RTOS Build & Simulation Environment [ARM, DM36x, AVR]
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Build & simulation environment for Atomthreads RTOS [ARM QEMU & DaVinci DM365/DM368, AVR]

Development environment in a box for those working with Atomthreads on ARM/DM36x/AVR processors.

Contains ARM and AVR compilers as well as qemu-arm and simavr for running Atomthreads RTOS in a simulator environment.

Ubuntu Packages: qemu-system-arm, gcc-avr, binutils-avr, avr-libc, git, build-essential, expect, doxygen, u-boot-tools, curl, lib32z1, libelf-dev, vim, python

External packages: simavr, arm2009-q3, MontaVista DM36x tools

Simavr is based on Git ref 90da54280f2ff2d91f2e51f41a5e747c56db6f94

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