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Mediawiki container
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What is MediaWiki?

MediaWiki is a free and open-source wiki app, used to power wiki websites such
as Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Commons, developed by the Wikimedia Foundation and

How to use this image

See examples for use with docker-compose.

Extra configuration options

Use the following environmental variables to generate a LocalSettings.php and perform automatic installation of MediaWiki. Please see Manual:Configuration_settings for details about what these configuration variables do.

  • MEDIAWIKI_SITE_SERVER= (required set this to the server host and include the protocol (and port if necessary) like http://my-wiki:8080; configures $wgServer)
  • MEDIAWIKI_SITE_NAME= (defaults to MediaWiki; configures $wgSitename)
  • MEDIAWIKI_SITE_LANG= (defaults to en; configures $wgLanguageCode)
  • MEDIAWIKI_ADMIN_USER= (defaults to admin; configures default administrator username)
  • MEDIAWIKI_ADMIN_PASS= (defaults to a random password, see container log; configures default administrator password)
  • MEDIAWIKI_UPDATE= (defaults to false; run php maintenance/update.php)
  • MEDIAWIKI_SLEEP= (defaults to 0; delays startup of container, useful when using Docker Compose)
  • MEDIAWIKI_LOGO_FILE= (no default value; configures $wgLogo if set)
  • MEDIAWIKI_EMAIL= (no default value; configures E-mail; SMTP settings configured if set)
  • MEDIAWIKI_SMTP_HOST= (no default value; configures the host)
  • MEDIAWIKI_SMTP_IDHOST= (no default value; configures IDHost)
  • MEDIAWIKI_SMTP_PORT= (defaults to 465; )
  • MEDIAWIKI_SMTP_PASSWORD= (no default value; configures the SMTP pasword)
  • MEDIAWIKI_SMTP_AUTH= (defaults to true; )
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