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Image with firefox, xvfb and robot framework on centos 6.6
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This image has .bashrc file that starts Xvfb to display :1 so robot framework's selenium drivers can use :1 for any web driver.

commandline is (interactive mode):

docker run --net=host -v  /src:/data --rm -ti kenney/robot-firefox /bin/bash

commandline for (non-interactive mode):

docker run --net=host -v /src:/data --rm -t kenney/robot-firefox bash -c "pybot --variable DELAY:1 --variable BROWSER:firefox  uiAcceptance.txt.robot"

A simple use case to daemonized the container and run your tests:

docker run --net=host --name robo -v /src:/data -d -t kenney/robot-firefox /bin/bash

# run Xrfb if it is NOT running
docker exec  -t robo  Xvfb :1 > /dev/null & 

# currently centos 6.6 supports only firefox
docker exec  -t robo  pybot --test Signoff --variable BROWSER:firefox  uiAcceptance.txt.robot
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