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Docker for calibre-web
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Calibre Web docker image

This Dockerfile provides the janeczku/calibre-web image based on CentOS 7, Supervisord, Gunicorn and Nginx reverse proxy.

About Calibre Web

Calibre Web is a Python web app allowing one to browse, download and read the books contained in a Calibre e-book collection.

GitHub project:

Getting Started

You can make your Calibre database available to the container either by mounting the host folder to /calibre or by mounting an existing volume from another container. The latter method comes in handy if you want to sync the Calibre database from a NAS, Dropbox or similar share.

Using a Calibre database folder located on the host

docker run -d --name calibre-web \
-v /path/to/calibre/database/folder:/calibre \
-p 8080:80 janeczku/calibre-web

Using a Calibre database folder located in an existing volume

In this example we are first launching the Docker Dropbox image to sync the Calibre database from a Dropbox account to a volume on the host. Subsequently we can then mount this volume in the Calibre Web container, so that the ebook database is always up-to-date. It is recommended to use a distinct Dropbox account for this purpose as the container will download all data from the linked account by default (Alternatively you can set-up selective sync - see "manage exclusions" below)

Launch the Docker Dropbox container.

docker run -d --restart=always --name=dropbox \
-e DBOX_UID=80 \
-e DBOX_GID=80 \

Check the logs of the container to get URL to authenticate with your Dropbox account.

docker logs dropbox

Copy and paste the URL in a browser and login to your Dropbox account to associate.

docker logs dropbox

You should see something like this:

"This computer is now linked to Dropbox. Welcome xxxx"

To manage exclusions and check sync status do:

docker exec -t -i dropbox dropbox help

The docker dropbox image stores the synced files in the /dbox/Dropbox volume. When mounting the exposed volumes to the Calibre Web container, we have to tell it about the location of the Calibre database by supplying it in the CALIBRE_PATH ENV variable. Supposing the Calibre database folder is named Calibre and located in the root of the Dropbox account we do the following:

docker run -d --name calibre-web \
--volumes-from dropbox \
--env CALIBRE_PATH=/dbox/Dropbox/Calibre \
-p 8080:80 janeczku/calibre-web

Using the app - Quick start

  1. Point your browser to http://hostname:8080 (or whatever host port you mapped the container to)
  2. Set Location of Calibre database to the path of the folder where you mounted your Calibre folder in the container (e.g. /calibre)
  3. Hit "submit" then "login".

Default admin login:
Username: admin
Password: admin123

To access the OPDS catalog feed, point your Ebook Reader to http://hostname:8080/opds.

ENV variables


To use a custom SSL certificate copy or mount the crt file to /etc/nginx/ssl and set this environment variable to the cert's filename, e.g. "". Don't forget modify your docker run command to map port 443 from the container to the host.


To use a custom SSL certificate copy or mount the private key file to /etc/nginx/ssl and set this environment variable to the key's filename, e.g. "".

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