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It is used to create the container for Django development.
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The project used to create a docker-image for python3 (default with django) container.

All the documentation and source code are published in GitHub.


Just simply execute the build command.

    git clone kenson.python
    cd kenson.python
    docker build -t kensonman/python:latest .


The project will creating the iamge base on python:alpine image.
It will provide an entrypoint for execution.

Create command

Create the Django project with basic application.

    docker run --rm kensonman/python:latest create newapp

Make Messages command

Make the specific translation messages.

    docker run --rm kensonman/python:latest makemessages newapp zh_hant

Compile Message command

Compile the translation messages.

    docker run --rm kensonman/python:latest compilemessages newapp

Run command

Execute the Django testing environment.

    docker run --rm kensonman/python:latest run

Exec command

Execute the specific Django command.

    docker run --rm kensonman/python:latest exec createsuperuser --username kenson
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