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Docker image that runs a bitcoinxt node in a container for easy deployment.xt
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BitcoinXT for Docker

Docker image that runs a bitcoinxt node in a container for easy deployment.


  • Physical machine, cloud instance, or VPS that supports Docker (i.e. Vultr, Digital Ocean, KVM or XEN based VMs) running Ubuntu 14.04 or later (not OpenVZ containers!)
  • At least 40 GB to store the block chain files
  • At least 1 GB RAM + 2 GB swap file

Recommended and tested on Vultr 1024 MB RAM/320 GB disk instance @ $8/mo. Vultr also accepts Bitcoin payments! May run on the 512 MB instance, but took forever (1+ week) to initialize due to swap and disk thrashing.

If you'd like to try out a few things use this Digital Ocean link to get $10 free credits.

Really Fast Quick Start

One liner for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS machines with JSON-RPC enabled on localhost and adds upstart init script:

curl | sh -s trusty

Quick Start

  1. Create a bitcoinxt-data volume to persist the bitcoinxt blockchain data, should exit immediately. The bitcoinxt-data container will store the blockchain when the node container is recreated (software upgrade, reboot, etc):

     docker run --name=bitcoinxt-data -v /bitcoin busybox chown 1000:1000 /bitcoin
     docker run --volumes-from=bitcoinxt-data --name=bitcoinxt-node -d \
         -p 8333:8333 \
         -p \
  2. Verify that the container is running and bitcoinxt node is downloading the blockchain

     $ docker ps
     CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                         COMMAND             CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                              NAMES
     d0e1076b2dca        keo604/bitcoinxt:latest     "btc_oneshot"       2 seconds ago       Up 1 seconds>8332/tcp,>8333/tcp   bitcoinxt-node
  3. You can then access the daemon's output thanks to the docker logs command

     docker logs -f bitcoinxt-node
  4. Install optional init scripts for upstart and systemd are in the init directory.



Original work by Kyle Manna
Modified to use Bitcoin XT instead Bitcoin Core.

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