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The machinery, is an image processing framework, which uses a capture device to recognize motion.
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Kerberos is a low-budget surveillance solution created for the Rapsberry Pi, but it also works on OSX and Linux. It uses computer vision algorithms to detect changes and stores images when motion is detected. Kerberos is open source, so you and others, can customize the source code to your needs and share it. It has a low-energy footprint when deploying on the Raspberry Pi and it's easy to install, you only need to transfer the image to the SD card and you're done.

Use your mobile phone, tablet or PC to keep an eye on your property. View the images taken by Kerberos with our responsive and user-friendly web interface. Look at the dashboard to get a graphical overview of the past days. Multiple Kerberos instances can be installed and can be viewed with only 1 web interface.


The machinery, is a computer vision framework, that takes images from your USB camera, IP camera or PI cameraboard and makes some calculations to recognize changes/motion. When motion is detected several IO operations can be executed (save an image to disk, store information to a DB, trigger an GPIO pin, etc). The machinery is divided in four logical parts; more information can be found on the documentation website.

Developers can easily add new:

  • Algorithms to detect motion, by using the OpenCV library.
  • Create new heuristics to validate if detection was real.
  • Integrate support for other output devices (a NOSQL database, E-mail, GPIO, TCP server and other notification services)
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