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a django dev env on ubuntu14.04 with nginx, uwsgi and python3
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this is a django production environment image based on ubuntu14.04. in this image, it include nginx, uwsgi, python3 and other softwares as pip3, vim and git. usually you can run your django project without installing any software. just fix some config and restart nginx and uwsgi is ok.


  1. docker pull kering/django-env
  2. docker run -d -p kering/django-env sh /root/
  3. use your webview to ask http://hostname:8010

config file description:

  1. nginx config path:/etc/nginx/conf.d/docker-django-test-nginx.conf
  2. uwsgi config path:/root/docker-django-test-uwsgi.ini
  3. django project path:/root/DockerDjangoTest
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