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Docker Zabbix


The container provides the following Zabbix Services, please refer to the Zabbix documentation for additional info.

  • A Zabbix Server 2.2 at port 10051.
  • A Zabbix Web UI at port 80 (username: admin, password: zabbix).
  • A Zabbix Agent.
  • A MySQL instance supporting Zabbix, user is zabbix and password is zabbix.
  • A Monit daemon managing the processes (http://$container_ip:2812, user 'myuser' and password 'mypassword').


You can run Zabbix as a service executing the following command.

docker run --name=zabbix \
               -p 10051:10051 \
               -p 80:80 \
               -p 2812:2812 \
               -v /var/lib/mysql:/var/lib/mysql \
               -e \
               -e GMAIL_PASS=gmail_pa$$word \

The above command will expose the Zabbix Server through port 10051 and the Web UI through port 80 on the host instance, among others.
Be patient, it takes a minute or two to configure the MySQL instance and start the proper services. You can tail the logs using docker logs -f $container_id.

Note: If you use Mysql on host you must specify separate volume for mysql data files.

Mail notifications

To notifications via gmail:

  • Pass GMAIL_USER and GMAIL_PASS variables to container.
  • Add as Script notification type to Media Types in Web UI, see: Zabbix notifications .
  • Configurate you gmail profile to allow Access for less secure apps.

Option Access for less secure apps is workaround and may be potentially insecure.
So it is strongly recommended to create a separate gmail box specially for notifications.

Current configuration of mail notification via msmtp not working without Access for less secure apps. It is issue. Spent some time to investigation of the problem, but it had not solved yet.

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