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REST interface to Amazon Fire TV devices
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This container provides a RESTful interface to Amazon Fire TV devices using the
python-firetv Python package. It is
particularly useful for controlling an Amazon Fire TV through
Home Assistant.


  • GET /devices/list (list all registered devices and state)
  • GET /devices/connect/<device_id> (force connection attempt)
  • GET /devices/state/<device_id> (return state)
  • GET /devices/<device_id>/apps/running (return running user apps)
  • GET /devices/<device_id>/apps/state/<app_id> (returns if appid is running)
  • GET /devices/action/<device_id>/<action_id> (request action)
  • POST /devices/add

The default device id is "default".


  • turn_on (turn on the device, showing the UI on screen)
  • turn_off (turn off the device, screen goes dark)
  • home (emulate Home button)
  • media_play_pause (emulate Play/Pause button)
  • media_play (simulate Play button)
  • media_pause (simulate Pause button)
  • media_next (emulate Fast-Forward button)
  • media_previous (emulate Rewind button)
  • volume_up (raise volume)
  • volume_down (lower volume)

For more info, see:


Run without options:

docker run --rm \
    -p 5556:5556 \

Point to a specific device:

docker run --rm \
    -p 5556:5556 \
    -d <fire_tv_ip>:5555
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