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workaround for ssl-related commit

not being applied to 1.6.x stream in couchdb, even though the documentation references the new feature

confirmed this scenario via irc chat


Yet Another Dockerized CouchDB.
Put the couch in a docker container and ship it anywhere.

If you're looking for a CouchDB with SSL support you can check out klaemo/couchdb-ssl

Version: CouchDB 1.6.1


Available in the docker index as klaemo/couchdb

[sudo] docker pull klaemo/couchdb:latest

# expose it to the world on port 5984
[sudo] docker run -d -p 5984:5984 --name couchdb klaemo/couchdb

curl http://localhost:5984


  • built on top of the solid and small debian:wheezy base image
  • exposes CouchDB on port 5984 of the container
  • runs everything as user couchdb (security ftw!)
  • docker volumes for data, logs and config

The previous version of this image used to come with a process manager to keep
CouchDB running. As of Docker 1.2 you can use the --restart flag to accomplish this.

Build your own

You can use klaemo/couchdb as the base image for your own couchdb instance.
You might want to provide your own version of the following files:

  • local.ini for CouchDB

Example Dockerfile:

FROM klaemo/couchdb

ADD local.ini /usr/local/etc/couchdb/

and then build and run

[sudo] docker build -t you/awesome-couchdb .
[sudo] docker run -d -p 5984:5984 -v ~/couchdb:/usr/local/var/lib/couchdb you/awesome-couchdb
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