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PM2 official Docker image with Alpine, PM2 docker, dumb-init and optional Keymetrics integration
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Node.js lightweight Docker image including the PM2 runtime for production applications.

This Docker image in association with PM2, increase application uptime, increase performance (spawn multiple processes and load-balance network query without any code change) and allow graceful state change, adapted to production environment.


$ docker pull keymetrics/pm2-docker-alpine

Versions available:

  • keymetrics/pm2-docker-alpine:latest with node:alpine
  • keymetrics/pm2-docker-alpine:8 with node:8-alpine
  • keymetrics/pm2-docker-alpine:7 with node:7-alpine
  • keymetrics/pm2-docker-alpine:6 with node:6-alpine
  • keymetrics/pm2-docker-alpine:4 with node:4-alpine
  • keymetrics/pm2-docker-alpine:next with node:alpine and pm2@next

These images are automatically built from the Docker hub based on this Github repository folder arrangement.

Hub link

Running the container

Make sure you declared a process file called process.yml, this file will be started by PM2.

# Get example app
$ git clone
# Run example app, mounted as a volume
$ docker run -p 80:3000 -v `pwd`/example_app:/app keymetrics/pm2-docker-alpine

For Keymetrics linking you can set the extra env variables:

-e "INSTANCE_NAME=hostname"

Log output

Append to pm2-docker CMD directive:

  • --json to output logs in JSON
  • --format to output logs in key=val style
  • --raw to display logs in raw format


Monitoring CPU/Usage of each process

$ docker exec -it <container_id> pm2 monit

Listing managed processes

$ docker exec -it <container_id> pm2 list

Get more information about a process

$ docker exec -it <container_id> pm2 show <app_name>

0sec downtime reload all applications

$ docker exec -it <container_id> pm2 reload all

Automatically synchronize your application with git

Add into your Dockerfile:

RUN pm2 install pm2-auto-pull

Or try it:

$ docker exec -it <container_id> pm2 install pm2-auto-pull

Make sure the .git is present in your application source folder.



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17 days ago

Hi all,

If you have an issue with the image, or a question, you can file an issue on GitHub here:


a month ago

It have yarn?

a month ago

Nevermind, I confused apt with apk.

To install git to this image you can use

RUN apk update && \
apk upgrade && \
apk add git

a month ago

Is there a way to make git available inside the container? I tried to add a build step to install git via apt-get but that does not seem to be available either.