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SSH Communication Proof-of-Concept
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SSH Communication Proof of Concept



All the commands needed to build and test the demonstrator network are included in the Makefile.

To get everything set up quickly use make all which performs the following steps (each step can be run on its own for a more detailed view):

  1. make nodes: Creates the nodes using the kgoutsos/ssh-poc Docker image and configures the appropriate networking between them. Every node is based on the same exact image (a simple Ubuntu installation) and the only difference between the nodes are the SSH keys generated in the next step.
  2. make keys: Generates the appropriate SSH keys and copies the public keys between the appropriate nodes.
  3. make links: Sets up link level SSH connections between the nodes through the Router.
  4. make test-links: Runs a simple web server on Node3 and queries it from Nodes 1 and 2 in order to demonstrate the link capability.

Extra commands

  • make build: Builds a base Docker image for the nodes, based on the configuration of the Dockerfile. This is useful in case there are local changes in the Dockerfile that have not been pushed to Docker Hub.
  • make destroy: Removes all nodes and networks created by make nodes.
  • make netinfo: Print network information from the nodes.
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