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A simple installation of SGE in a Docker container.
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Simple installation of Son of Grid Engine
designed primarily for testing software that integrates with SGE.


For quick interactive use:

$ docker pull kgutwin/simple-sge
$ docker run -ti --rm kgutwin/simple-sge
Reading configuration from file util/install_modules/inst_template.conf
Install log can be found in: /opt/sge/default/common/install_logs/qmaster_install_206fe0796da4_2016-06-22_12:26:11.log
Install log can be found in: /opt/sge/default/common/install_logs/execd_install_206fe0796da4_2016-06-22_12:26:14.log
206fe0796da4 added to submit host list
root@206fe0796da4 modified "all.q" in cluster queue list
root@206fe0796da4 modified "global" in configuration list
changed scheduler configuration
root@206fe0796da4:~# qsub -b y /bin/hostname
Your job 1 ("hostname") has been submitted
root@206fe0796da4:~# cat hostname.o1

For a persistent container that you can run multiple commands against:

$ docker run --name sge -d kgutwin/simple-sge sleep infinity
$ docker exec -t -u sgeadmin sge bash -i -c "qstat -f"
queuename                      qtype resv/used/tot. load_avg arch          states
all.q@bc644d46ae13             BIP   0/0/1          0.40     lx-amd64      
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