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RESTFull service indexing time series events in Elasticsearch
Full Description

What is espipe?

espipe is a service indexing documents in bulk requests to Elasticsearch.


docker run -p 5000:5000 -v /etc/espipe:/etc/espipe khezen/espipe:6

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

Request Response Description
POST /espipe/{}/{documentType} JSON body 200 OK indexes JSON body as {documentType} in Elasticsearch {}-yyyy.MM.dd
GET /espipe/health 200 OK healthcheck


    "elasticsearch": "http://localhost:9200",
    "templates": [{
            "name": "logs",
            "bufferSizeKB": 5000,
            "timerMS": 5000,
            "body": {...}

Configure templates

  • templates is an array of template configurations:
    • espipe creates templates in elasticsearch if they do not exist yet
    • an index template will automatically be applied when new indices are created
    • for each template, espipe creates indices on daily basis
      • example:
        • template=logs-*,
        • indices=logs-2017.01.05, logs-2017.01.06, etc..
  • espipe indexes documents in bulk requests. For each index, espipe triggers bulk requests when:
    • bulk size >= template.bufferSizeKB
    • ticker event, period=template.timerMS


template.body takes the template settings and mappings with types definition.
See the Create Template API documentation.

The mapping itself is flexible and is schema-free. New fields are automatically added to the type mapping definition when espipe indexes a new document. Check out the mapping section for more information on mapping definitions.


AWS Sign

espipe supports AWS authentication for Amazon Elasticsearch Service

  "elasticsearch": "",
  "AWSAuth": {
    "accessKeyId": "changeme",
    "secretAccessKey": "changeme",
    "region": "eu-west-1"
  "templates": [...]

Basic Auth

espipe supports basic authentication for Elasticsearch (shield, search-guard)

    "elasticsearch": "http://localhost:9200",
      "username": "elastic",
      "password": "changeme"
    "templates": [...]

Default config.json

Request Response Description
POST /espipe/logs/log JSON body 200 OK indexes JSON body as log in Elasticsearch logs-yyyy.MM.dd
POST /espipe/web/trace JSON body 200 OK indexes JSON body as trace in Elasticsearch web-yyyy.MM.dd
GET /espipe/health 200 OK healthcheck

User Feedback


If you have any problems or questions, please ask for help through a GitHub issue.

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