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Alpine Golang

Alpine Golang is a docker image based in Alpine linux using a Dockerfile
similar to google/golang.

This image is gliderlabs/alpine image.

DEPRECATED in favor the official golang image

This repo is not longer maintainer and we strongly recommend you use the
official docker golang image. This image once had a reason to exists as the
official golang image wasn't based on the alpine OS hence resulted in bigger
image size (>500mb) than needed, times have changed and official docker images
are now adopting Alpine Linux as their base image, hurray!


GOROOT is set to /goroot

GOPATH is set to /gopath


Create a Dockerfile in your golang application directory with the following content:

FROM kiasaki/alpine-golang

WORKDIR /gopath/src/app
ADD . /gopath/src/app/
RUN go get app

CMD []
ENTRYPOINT ["/gopath/bin/app"]

Then you can run the following command in your application directory:

docker build -t my/app .


See the LICENSE file.

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