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Owncloud armhf image for snappy use
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This is an docker image for use in ubuntu-core snappy.

If you want to use it you must provide some volumes:

docker run -it --name owncloud-8.0.2-snappy -v /[owncloud_web_file]/:/var/www -v /[data_path]:/var/www/data -p 80:80 -p 443:443 kickinz1/owncloud-8.0.2-sqlite3-armhf

Dockerfile for armhf:

If you are on snappy you can monitor the status of the download with:
sudo systemctl status owncloud_owncloud_8.0.2.001 (or any other version if recquired).

Then you just point your browser to https://ip_of_snappy

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