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fedora based + python27 + gnudatalanguage image
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This is a fedora + python27 + gnudatalanguage (GDL) image.

GDL requires numpy and a bunch of other modules.

Fedora ships with a gdl <-> python binding already in place, see PYTHON.txt for more informations.

The Dockerfile is really simple (see below).
I prefer to pull a fixed version base image instead latest, you can change at your will.

FROM fedora:25

# update the image
RUN dnf -y update && dnf clean all
# install basic python == pip / install gdl + gdl-python
RUN dnf -y install python-pip gdl.x86_64 gdl-python.x86_64 gdl-common.noarch && dnf clean all

# upgrade pip and install pidly
RUN pip install --upgrade pip && pip install pidly

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