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AWS Task Runner
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Simple Docker container to run AWS Task Runner for your DataPipeline. We save a lot of $$$ by running our own Task Runner.

How to use

# pull latest image
$ docker pull kienpham2000/aws-taskrunner-docker

# start the container with one required option
$ docker run -d kienpham2000/aws-taskrunner-docker --workerGroup=my_group

All supported options

args explain
--help Print help
--config=VALUE json Description
--accessId=VALUE Access id
--secretKey=VALUE Secret key
--endpoint=VALUE DataPipeline Service endpoint to use
--workerGroup=VALUE (required) Worker Group Name
--taskrunnerId=VALUE Used to report heartbeat for taskrunner
--output=VALUE Default Output Directory
--tasks=VALUE Number of task poll threads to run simultaneously, defaults to 2.
--region=VALUE The region to run in, defaults to us-east-1
--logUri=VALUE The location in S3 into which to place log files
--proxyHost=VALUE Host of the proxy which clients will use to connect to AWS Services
--proxyPort=VALUE Port of the proxy host which the clients will use to connect to AWS Services
--proxyUsername=VALUE username for proxy
--proxyPassword=VALUE password for proxy
--proxyDomain=VALUE Windows domain name for NTLM Proxy
--proxyWorkstation=VALUE Windows work station name for NTLM Proxy
--jdbcDriverS3Path=VALUE S3 path from where task runner pickups jdbc driver to connect to redshift and mysql
--s3NoProxy=VALUE Not use http proxy to connect s3
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