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MongoDB Arbiter Docker Image

This image is mainly based on the offical MongoDB Docker image with only a few changes required to run an arbiter in the replica set.

However it doesn't directly use the offical image as the base image, it uses the original Dockerfile and as base for changes instead.


  • Change all "/data/db" to "/data/arb" in Dockerfile and
  • Change the port from 27017 to 30000


Create a data volume container

docker create --name mongo-arbiter-data -v /data/arb busybox

Launch a MongoDB arbiter

(Following command assumes that you use a replica set called "rs0".)

docker run --name mongo-arbiter --volumes-from=mongo-arbiter-data -p 30000:30000 -d killercentury/mongo-arbiter mongod --port 30000 --dbpath /data/arb --replSet "rs0" --smallfiles --nojournal --quiet

The "--quiet" parameter above mainly helps you to reduce the amount of logs being generated, otherwise they will grow dramatically over a few days and the instance running this container will run out of disk space at the end.

For other parameters, please refer to the offical MongoDB documentation.

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