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lightweight docker container running Hugo (blog engine written in go)
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This repository powers killerwolf/hugo docker image built for several versions of hugo, a markdown backed blog engine written in golang

$ docker run killerwolf/hugo:0.13 version
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.13 BuildDate: 2015-02-22T04:02:30Z


Create a new site

Let's run our first command: bootstraping a new blog with hugo:

$ mkdir ~/blog && cd blog
$ docker run --rm -v $PWD:/blog:rw killerwolf/hugo new site /blog

This command generate a new skeleton (files and folder)

$ ls
archetypes    config.toml    content        data        layouts        static

Choose your theme

Adding our chosen theme (herring-cove, you're free to swap it)

$ mkdir themes && cd themes
$ git clone

Generate static blog

Write some markdown content into content/ directory, and then launch

$ docker run --rm -v $PWD:/app:rw killerwolf/hugo -s /app -d dist/

You'll find fond your generated blog under the dist folder


Fork and send a pull request

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