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This container has all the necessary requirements to build a micropython image for esp32 device.
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You will need to run bash to update the path for the cross compiling tools. The code are located at /home/esp32/. You should run 'make -C mpy-cross' at /home/esp32/micropython-esp32/ to compile to tools and in the esp32 folder just run make to build the images. Use the 'makefile' located at /home/esp32/micropython/esp32/makefile to change the configuration

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2 months ago


docker run -it --device=/dev/ttyUSB0 kimyong/esp32-micropython /bin/bash

To find out where your device is mounted

plug-in the esp32 (Is probably the last entry)

sudo dmesg

ty! Can you upload the Dockerfile? That would be great!

4 months ago

flashing directly from the container can be problematic, especially so when I use docker on a windows pro machine. I usually copy the firmware to the host machine and use the official software for flashing.

4 months ago

Hello, thank you for providing this docker image to build esp32, i wanna to know how to flash the firmware to my esp32 from the docker container? thank u