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This is a fork of ortym/couchbase_to_s3
Full Description

Couchbase backup to S3 using Docker

Docker container to run Couchbase backup and copy it to AWS S3 bucket.

Version 4.5 is at the time of writing Entrprise editions and contains
backup binary cbbackup.

Docker image

Image is based on official
Docker image from Couchbase, with
addition of AWS CLI tools package and backup script.

Couchbase server

Since this is a full Couchbase image, it can be also used as a Couchbase
server image, the same way as it is described in You will need only to provide
--entrypoint option for it.

For example:

docker run -d -v \
--entrypoint / \ # <----- Additional option
~/couchbase:/opt/couchbase/var \
-p 8091:8091 \
--name my-couchbase-server couchbase

Running scripts

AWS configuration

Create AWS user and set permissions for S3. User should be able to both
upload and download files from the specified bucket.

for the reference.

AWS Credentials

Create ~/.aws directory and configure profile for S3 access as
desribed in
AWS CLI Documentaion. Name
of the profile in AWS configuration should correspond to the value of
the variable ${AWS_PROFILE} in both scripts and

Before running script first time, create directory defined by
${HOST_BACKUP_PATH} variable: mkdir /var/backup (example).

If host server hs SELinux enabled execute following command:

# chcon -Rt svirt_sandbox_file_t ${HOST_BACKUP_PATH}

Before executing script create directory for downloading backup files
from S3. This directory should be different from the backup directory
above. Downloaded files will overwrite current backup otherwise.

mkdir /var/restore

Edit file and change variables at the top of the file


Following varaibles should be configured accordingly to your

  • AWS_PROFILE - AWS profile name for writing and reading from S3.
  • AWS_REGION - Region where you S3 bucket is located (default: us-east-1).
  • S3_BUCKET - bucket name for the backup.
  • SERVER_USER - Couchbase server user connecting. Default is Administrator.
  • SERVER_PASSWORD - Password for the backup user on the Couchbase server.
  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID - AWS user access key, or IAM role access key with s3 writing permissions
  • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - AWS secret access key, or IAM role secret key with s3 writing permissions


Both scripts create log file on each run. Filename of the log is like:,


Dmytro Kovalov,

June 2016, Tokyo

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