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Hashicorp Consul on a tiny busybox
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Ready to use containers

You can find fully baked containers, using the dockerfiles provided in this repository, on the public docker registry


These are the currently available projects


Hashicorp Vault on a tiny busybox

# Run example

docker run -p 8300:8300 kintoandar/hashicorp-vault


Fully provisioned CentOS x86_64 container with test-kitchen to enable easy chef cookbook testing


Installs curl-loader on a clean CentOS x86_64


Installs etsy mixer platform for testing

CentOS x86_64

This container was built from scratch to have the smallest size footprint and it's currently being used by some of my dockerfiles

You may have a look in my kickstart files


fwd is a network port forwarder written in golang

If you ever need to connect to a non-privileged port when you have a firewall in between allowing only 80/443, this container might help

ENV variables

  • SRC_PORT: Exposed port on the container
  • TO: destination address (host:port)


Launch the container bound to port 80 on redirecting the connection to port 2222 on

docker run -d -e SRC_PORT="80" -e TO="" -p 80:80 kintoandar/fwd

Connect on port 80 on and end up in port 2222

telnet 80
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Connection closed by foreign host.

If you want to know more about fwd check out this article


Hashicorp Consul on a tiny busybox

Manual build example

If you want to build the container yourself, here's an easy to follow example:

git clone
cd dockerfiles/curl-loader
docker build .

Useful bash aliases

You can find some useful bash aliases for interacting with the docker server on my dotfiles repo


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