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Docker container: CentOS 7 + Java 8 + Tomcat 8

Build the image

git clone
cd centos-tomcat
docker build -t kirillf/centos-tomcat .

How to use

Put your war under the /opt/tomcat/webapps directory and run the following command.

docker run -v /opt/tomcat/webapps:/opt/tomcat/webapps -v /opt/tomcat/logs:/opt/tomcat/logs -p 8080:8080 -i -t --name centos-tomcat kirillf/centos-tomcat

Once you run it, you can start the container with docker start centos-tomcat in next time and log file will be under the /opt/tomcat/logs directory.

Also, if you got some error, you can remove the container with docker rm centos-tomcat. Your current container list will be show with docker ps -a.

For Mac user, you must share the directory /opt/tomcat/webapps and /opt/tomcat/logs on Docker > Preferences > File Sharing.


If you got error while build the docker image, please check the latest version of Java and Tomcat.

Software Version Note
CentOS 7
Java 8u144 Java Release Note
Apache Tomcat 8.5.20 Tomcat Download Page

Docker Official Image for Tomcat is also available.

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Comments (2)
15 days ago

Hi Sir,
How to put the war under the webapps ??
thanks a lot.

3 months ago

Tried many Tomcat 8 images from Git and Docker Hub, but nothing worked as expected. This one worked awesome. My 2 days stuggle on a small project got over in few minutes.
Thanks for Kirillf. you are awesome.