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Storyfinder webserver
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Storyfinder requires a mysql database, the GermaNER server for named entity recognition and Stanford CoreNLP.

MySQL Container

Create a new MySQL 5.5 container:
`docker run --name storyfinder-mysql -e MYSQL_RANDOM_ROOT_PASSWORD=yes -e MYSQL_DATABASE=storyfinder -e MYSQL_USER=storyfinder -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=storyfinder -d mysql:5.5.51


Create a new CoreNLP container
docker run --name storyfinder-corenlp -d kisad/corenlp-german

Create a new GermaNER container

docker run -d -m 4g --name storyfinder-germaner kisad/storyfinder-germaner

Startup of the container will take a few minutes. You can check the status in the container log.

Notice: GermaNER requires at least 4g memory. If you are using Kitematic/Docker Toolbox make sure your VM has enough memory (default is 2g). See:


docker run -d --name storyfinder-server --link storyfinder-mysql:mysql --link storyfinder-germaner:germaner --link storyfinder-corenlp:corenlp -p 3055:3055 -e "COOKIE_SECRET=YOUR_COOKIE_SECRET" -e "MYSQL_PORT=3306" kisad/storyfinder-webserver

Visit http://docker_host_ip:3055 in your webbrowser.


Use the following environment variables for configuration. Defaults should work with linked containers:

  • COOKIE_SECRET: Secret for cookies.
  • MYSQL_HOST: Host of mysql database. Defaults to mysql.
  • MYSQL_PORT: Port of mysql database. Defaults to 3306.
  • MYSQL_DATABASE: Name of mysql database: Defaults to storyfinder.
  • MYSQL_USER: User of mysql databese. Defaults to storyfinder.
  • MYSQL_PASSWORD: Password of mysql database. Defaults to storyfinder.
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