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Some sample GUI-based C++ projects made by KITE ( students.
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After pulling the image, run it by -
$ docker run -d -P --name kite1 kitenagpur/cpp_projects_demo

To find out the mapping of port 22 (for ssh), see the 'PORTS' column of output of the command -
$ docker ps -a
Let us say, the mapped port is found to be 32768.

Then, to login to the container, issue the following from an X-terminal:
$ ssh -X kitenagpur@localhost -p 32768
Give the password 'PQR789pqr'. After successful login, you would get the container prompt.

'ls bin' would show the list of project binaries. To run a project, for example, 'interiorDecorator', issue the command-
$ interiorDecorator
This would open the application window. Enjoy the project !!

To logout of the container-
$ exit

To clean up -
$ docker stop kite1
$ docker rm kite1

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