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[DEPRECATED] use kibatic/symfony
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Symfony + Nginx + php-fpm

Docker for Symfony application, powered by Nginx and php-fpm.

Based on Debian Jessie.

If you are experiencing some issues, take a look at TROUBLESHOOTING

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

latest 7 7.2 (7.2/Dockerfile)

7.1 (7.1/Dockerfile)

7.0 (7.0/Dockerfile)

5, 5.6 (5.6/Dockerfile)

5.4 (5.4/Dockerfile)


docker pull kibatic/symfony

Then run in your symfony folder

docker run -v $(pwd):/var/www -p 8080:80 kibatic/symfony

Symfony app will be accessible on http://localhost:8080/app.php

Custom nginx configuration

If you want to replace the default nginx settings, overwrite configuration file at /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default.

COPY nginx.conf /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default

You may also want to add only some directives in existing site config.

COPY custom-config.conf /etc/nginx/conf.d/docker/custom-config.conf


A common practice is to log to stdout, but there are major bug in php-fpm wich makes stdout logging not reliable :

This image setup a known workaround (see here) and expose a log stream as env var LOG_STREAM, but you cannot log to stdout
For a proper logging you have to configure monolog to log to this stream

# app/config_dev.yml
            type:   stream
            path:   '/tmp/stdout'
            level:  debug

You can also use symfony %env(LOG_STREAM)% if your symfony version is compatible with this syntax

We also provide a default dirty solution for standard monolog configuration, this is not recommended in production

tail -q -n 0 -F app/logs/dev.log app/logs/prod.log var/logs/dev.log var/logs/prod.log

Minimal package included

  • nginx
  • php*-fpm
  • php*-cli
  • php*-intl
  • php*-mbstring

Exposed port

  • 80 : nginx
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