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ElasticSearch + analysis-icu
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This is a collection of Dockerfiles maintained by the Platform Team.

The images are built automatically by Docker Hub for the :latest tag,
with updates of the base image triggering rebuilds.


  • Base image: alpine:3.6
  • Packages: curl, jq, ca-certificates

We use this mostly in our GitLab CI or otherwise automated tasks. It's useful when the task is about making or parsing HTTPS requests.


  • Base image: node:8-slim
  • Packages: npm's cypress-cli and dependencies from apt

This is a container with we use to automate our frontend tests.


  • Base image: docker:18.02
  • Packages: goss and dgoss

goss is a tool for quick and easy server validation.

We use it to, during CI, to start a container and test if it responds on a certain endpoint.


  • Base image: alpine:3.5
  • Packages: docker, curl, Spotify's docker-gc, and a script to remove dangling volumes.

We use this to cleanup docker garbage. It removes more garbage than docker system prune. Mostly for dev machines purposes.

Usage is docker run -v/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock kiwicom/docker-cleanup


  • Base image: docker:1.12
  • Packages: tini

This image runs crond in the foreground

It takes a CRONTAB environment variable such as 37 13 * * * * echo hi, to print hi everyday at 13:37 UTC.


This is a copy of clockworksoul's docker-gc-cron, which is maintained in our GitHub repo for security.

Requires the /var/run/docker.sock socket mounted.


  • Base image:
  • Packages: ElasticSearch's analysis-icu

We use this for integration tests in CI, as a GitLab CI service.


  • Base image: alpine:3.6
  • Packages: facebook's flow, and its dependencies

We use this in CI to check JavaScript code's type correctness, mounting code to /app and running flow check --show-all-errors.


  • Base image: node:9-alpine
  • Packages: npm nsm

We use this in CI to check security issues of Node.js dependencies.


  • Base image: python:3.6-alpine
  • Packages: rancher-compose, CA certificates

We use this mostly to programmatically create stacks in Rancher.


  • Base image: alpine:3.5
  • Packages: OpenSSH server, s3fs 1.82 and dependencies

This is a pretty cool image. :snowman: It's a containerized SFTP server with S3 as a backend for storage.

Check the entrypoint file to see how it works.


  • Base image: python:2-alpine
  • Packages: docker from apk, python s3cmd

We use this to copy static files from Docker images and put them onto S3 which serves them.


  • Base image: python:2-alpine

Like above, but no docker.


Like above, but s4cmd instead of s3cmd


  • Base image alpine:3.7
  • Packages: tox, pyenv and its dependencies

Image that allows running tox tests on multiple python versions.

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