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Executes the associated java application to extract presentation slides from a set of markdown files
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A tool I've created to help me create slides out of lesson notes.

This is becoming more useful, so I've now extended this to work with more than just one lesson.

This is an intermediate point: As it stands it works with two different projects of mine.
Shortly I'll make it a more useful utility.

BTW, an interesting idea from software carpentry:

##Live log

<a href="">The University of British Columbia</a>
had a live log of shell commands ona web page. This is how they did it:

cat > <<- EndOfMessage
HISTTIMEFORMAT="%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S $ "
PROMPT_COMMAND="history 1 >> ~/history.txt; rsync -qz ~/history.txt URL_OF_PUBLIC_REMOTE_SERVER:PATH/TO/PUBLIC/DIRECTORY/history.txt"

Then source


  • HISTTIMEFORMAT adds timestamps to the commands
  • PROMPT_COMMAND does the work
  • rsync can be replaced by any tool that synchronises files between machines.
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