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Docker image with sikuli-ide, chrome browser and vnc server for sikuli script development inside of running docker container for web routine automation in chrome browser with vnc remote access.


  • start docker container with local folder mounted to container ~/scripts folder
  • connect to running container display with VNC viewer
  • start sikuli-ide with chrome browser and create sikuli scripts
  • when done with development exit vnc stop container for editing and secure created scripts

Start container

start container with VNC server on port 5901

docker run -d -t --name sikuli_5901 -v $(pwd):/home/seluser/scripts -p 5901:5900 kkochubey1/sikuli-chrome-x11vnc:latest

Open VNC

Use VNC viewer (for example Mac: Screen Share, Win: Tight VNC viewer etc)

Connect to

When promped for password, type: secret

If no connection check docker IP by running

boot2docker ip

or try

if there is still no connection, check container logs

docker logs sikuli_5901

Start chrome browser

Inside VNC screen, open terminal by right mouse click -> Applications -> Terminal Emulators -> XTerm
Run following


Start chrome browser from command line by docker

docker exec -it sikuli_5901 bash -c "sudo -E -i -u seluser /opt/google/chrome/google-chrome --no-default-browser-check"

Start sikuli-ide to edit scripts

docker exec -it sikuli_5901 bash -c "sudo -E -i -u seluser /usr/bin/sikuli-ide"

Use /home/seluser/scripts folder to save scripts in local folder on host machine

Start sikuli to run existing scripts

from current host local folder (assuming there is test.sikuli)

docker exec -it sikuli_5901 bash -c "sudo -E -i -u seluser /usr/bin/sikuli-ide -r /home/seluser/scripts/test.sikuli"

Stop and remove working container

docker stop sikuli_5901
docker rm sikuli_5901
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