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Apache Hive in Docker for Hive development



Docker 1.10 or higher is required to build the image (to use --build-arg).

To debug your own fork

docker build -t kliew/hive-dev --build-arg REPO= .

To debug from the official repo (ie. for comparing performance of a specific revisions)

docker build -t kliew/hive-dev --build-arg REVISION=fb230f9df5b7c990c80326671d9975a6f05e1600 .

Build Parameters

  • REPO Hive git fork
  • REVISION Git revision of $REPO
  • DEBUG_PORT The port to use for debugging Hive. In Eclipse, open Debug Configurations, create Remote Java Application, Host: localhost, Port: 8000.
  • HIVE_OPTS Override the default Hive configuration


To debug locally

docker run -it kliew/hive-dev

To host the container in a VM and debug remotely

docker run -it -p 10000:10000 -p $HOST_DEBUG_PORT:$CONTAINER_DEBUG_PORT kliew/hive
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