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A minimal kliko container
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KLIKO - Scientific Compute Container Specification and Parser


KLIKO is a specification, validator and parser for the KLIKO Scientific Compute Container
specification. It enables a developer of scientific software to structure the input,
output and parameters of a dockerized compute task. KLIKO is written in Python.


You can install Kliko inside a docker container or just on your system::

$ python install

or from pypi::

$ pip install kliko


from a Python script inside a container::

from kliko.validate import validate
parameters = validate()

or to check if a kliko file has a valid syntax::

$ kliko-validate /kliko.yml

or try to run the docker image from the examples folder directly::

$ kliko-run kliko/minimal --help

    usage: kliko-run [-h] [--target_folder TARGET_FOLDER] --choice {second,first}
                     --char CHAR [--float FLOAT] --file FILE --int INT

    positional arguments:

    optional arguments:
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      --target_folder TARGET_FOLDER
      --choice {second,first}
                            choice field (default: second)
      --char CHAR           char field, maximum of 10 chars (default: empty)
      --float FLOAT         float field (default: 0.0)
      --file FILE           file field, this file will be put in /input in case of
                            split io, /work in case of join io
      --int INT             int field


The documentation can be found on


There are examples of a kliko and parameters file in the examples folder.

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