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NickNack is an event driven automation engine for the "Internet of Things." Most homes are now equipped with at least one internet connected TV, appliance, security system, stereo receiver, or other device. Additionally, we find Home Theater PC software, Internet services, such as email and weather updates. Nick Nack aims to offer an easy way to create meaningful connections between these providers and more.

A list of included providers is available [here] (./


  • Java JRE 7 or higher



Linux / OS X

  1. Download nicknack distribution. curl -o nicknack.tgz "
  2. Unpack. tar xzf nicknack.tgz
  3. Start. nicknack/bin/nicknack start
  4. Visit (


  1. Download nicknack distribution zip file using above link.
  2. Unzip.
  3. Open a command line and run nicknack\bin\nicknack.bat start
  4. Visit (

Configuring providers

Web based configuration is not yet available. Until then, you can configure NickNack providers by editing the nicknack/conf/nicknack_config.xml file.

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