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Dev container used in travis to test and create nightlies (appimage)
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This image is based on: the archlinux-small from

Installed packages: base-devel, qt5 and some small other packages for dpkg and appimage building.
Also included PythonQt from
Everything happens in the /root/ directory.

To build a linux64.KNOSSOS.nightly.AppImage you have to run the container with the following command:
docker run -it --privileged --cap-add=ALL -v /lib/modules:/lib/modules -v /dev:/dev -v ${PWD}/artifact:/root/artifact knossosal3xst/knossos-project-arch /bin/bash -c 'cd /root/; ./'

Lib and dev folder are required by fuse from the AppImage script.

The AppImage will be in the artifact folder after the build is complete. The script in /root/ clones the knossos repo, builds the binary and creates an AppImage.

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