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Image for running Phenotype_Prediction_Pipeline
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KnowEnG's Phenotype Prediction Pipeline

This is the Knowledge Regression for Genomics (KnowEnG), an NIH BD2K Center of Excellence, Phenotype Prediction Pipeline that will be used to infer an 'omic'-drug association.

The user will need to do of the following in order for the system to learn how to predict the phenotype through regression:

  • User must submit an ‘omic’ spreadsheet with samples as columns and genes as rows.
  • User will also need to submit a phenotype value for each sample.

This will allow one to:

  • Identify the best drug for a patient.

Given an omic spreadsheet of a collection of genes as well as the supplied phenotype value, the user will need to choose one of these options:

Options Method Parameters
Elastic Net Elastic elastic_net
Lasso Lasso Lasso

How to run this pipeline with our data

1. Install Docker - follow the instructions in this link


Install Docker Engine

2. Get the current Docker Image. On the command line with internet connection:

docker pull knowengdev/phenotype_prediction_pipeline:08_01_2017

3. Create or change to a directory to hold the output data.


mkdir local_results
and / or
cd local_results

4. Start the docker image connected to the (local_results) directory.

docker run -v pwd:/home/test/run_dir/ -it knowengdev/phenotype_prediction_pipeline:08_01_2017

5. At the docker image command prompt change to the test directory.

.../home# cd test

6. Set up the environment.

.../home/test# make env_setup

7. Use one of the following "make" commands to select and run either of the following:


Command Option
make run_elastic_net Elastic Net
make run_lasso Lasso

How to run this pipeline with Your data.

Perform steps 1-3 as described above and use the local_results directory

Create a custom YAML file, move that and your spreadsheet to the local_results directory

see the git hub directions
Phenotype Prediction ReadMe on github

make sure file named by YAML key "spreadsheet_name:" is in your local_results directory
the path-names inside docker depend on the way you "mount" the run directory in step 4
therefore you may have to change the YAML path's to ../../ instead of ../
make sure your custom YAML file is in the local_results directory

  1. Start docker with the container connected to your (local_results) directory.

    docker run -v local_results:/home/test/run_dir -it knowengdev/phenotype_prediction_pipeline:06_02_2017

  2. Change to the directory mounted in step 4.

    .../home# cd ./test/run_dir
    .../home/test/run_dir# ls

the files in the local_results directory will be visible in this directory

  1. Run Samples Clustering with the options in your custom YAML file.

    python3 ../../src/ -run_directory ./ -run_file your_custom_run_file.yml

Description of "run_parameters" file

Key Value Comments
Elastic Net Method
Lasso Method
results_directory Directory Directory to save the output files

spreadsheet_name = features_train_clean.df</br>
response_name = response_train_clean.df</br>
test_spreadsheet_name = features_test_clean.df

Description of Output files are saved in results directory

Gene Name Prediction
User Gene 1 Float
... ...
User Gene n Float
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