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Pre-configured build environment for building Chromium from source.
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About chromium-builder

The chromium-builder project
provides a Docker image, knqz/chromium-builder,
suitable for use as an environment for building the Chromium source tree.

This was created in order to automate builds/deployments of headless_shell
for use with the Docker chrome-headless image.

Note: you will need to have the chromium source tree already on disk.


You can use this Docker image in the usual way:

# updated to latest version of chromium-builder
$ docker pull knqz/chromium-builder

# build latest chrome version
$ docker run -it -v /path/to/chromium:/chromium -v /path/to/build:/build --rm knqz/chromium-builder /build/

Building Image

The Docker image can be manually built the usual way:

$ cd /path/to/chromium-builder && docker build -t knqz/chromium-builder .
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