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Simple plugin framework for docker events
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Simple plugin framework for docker events.


Usage: docker-event-plugin [OPTION...] PLUGIN [PLUGIN_OPTION...]

  plugin file or directory

  -d, --debug         Debug mode
      --no-reconnect  Do not automatically reconnect on failure
      --help          Show help
  -v, --version       Show version

  Passed to plugin

docker-events-plugin uses the docker command internally.
Therefore environment variables for docker is also available.

How to create your plugin

See sample-plugin directory in repository.

Support events

Depends on docker version.


Events related image

delete, import, pull, push, tag, untag

Events related container

archive-path, attach, commit, copy, create, destroy, die,
exists, export, extract-to-dir, kill, oom, pause, rename,
resize, restart, start, stop, top, unpause

Note: exists is not docker native event.
exists event is raised when containers found at before listening for events.

Events related docker exec

exec_create, exec_start

Events related network

connect, create, destroy, disconnect

Events related volume

create, destroy, mount, umount

Using pre-build docker image

It's useful for execute as a service.

Connect to local docker server

docker run --rm \
  -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
  -v /path/to/plugin:/plugin \
  ko1nksm/docker-events-plugin [[OPTION...] exec [PLUGIN_OPTION...]]

Connect to remote docker server

docker run --rm \
  -e DOCKER_HOST=tcp:// \
  -v /path/to/plugin:/plugin \
  -v /path/to/your/docker-cert-path:/cert
  ko1nksm/docker-events-plugin [[OPTION...] exec [PLUGIN_OPTION...]]

Special paths in container

Path Description
/plugin plugin file or directory
/cert DOCKER_CERT_PATH in container is set to /cert


MIT License

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