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squid http(s) proxy server
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squid proxy lite v1.0

  • http port 3128
  • https port 3129
  • no passwd
  • disable log
  • disable cache_dir
  • http_access all

https public and private key will update from* when this container start.
My default cmd is /root/,when you start this container,you can start the cmd /usr/sbin/squid -X -N to skip the key update.

the script content of is :

wget -O /root/private.key
wget -O /root/public.pem
/usr/sbin/squid -N -X

If you want to edit the squid.conf,you should start the cmd /bin/bash to login into the shell,then you can download the config file via the wget command.also you can update your key like this.

The system file of my images is at,The size is 11M,you can download it if you want to make some changes.such as add ssh,vi,cat,etc.


The basic commands of the images are sh,bash,wget,no more others.


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