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Base image of KoBoCAT with `apt` and `pip` requirements pre-installed.
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kobocat is the data collection platform used in KoBoToolbox. It is based on the excellent onadata <>_ platform developed by Ona LLC, which in itself is a redevelopment of the formhub <>_ platform developed by the Sustainable Engineering Lab at Columbia University.

Please refer to dist-kobo-devel <>_ for instructions on how to install KoBoToolbox.

Code Structure

  • logger - This app serves XForms to and receives submissions from
    ODK Collect and Enketo.

  • viewer - This app provides a csv and xls export of the data stored in
    logger. This app uses a data dictionary as produced by pyxform. It also
    provides a map and single survey view.

  • main - This app is the glue that brings logger and viewer


To generate a locale from scratch (ex. Spanish)

.. code-block:: sh

$ makemessages -l es -e py,html,email,txt ;
$ for app in {main,viewer} ; do cd kobocat/apps/${app} && makemessages -d djangojs -l es && cd - ; done

To update PO files

.. code-block:: sh

$ makemessages -a ;
$ for app in {main,viewer} ; do cd kobocat/apps/${app} && makemessages -d djangojs -a && cd - ; done

To compile MO files and update live translations

.. code-block:: sh

$ compilemessages ;
$ for app in {main,viewer} ; do cd kobocat/apps/${app} && compilemessages && cd - ; done
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