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kibana-elasticsearch image based on centos7
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kibana-elasticsearch deploy on centos


  • install ansible

  • git clone
git clone
  • install iptables_raw module (optional)

To modify iptables rule , install iptables_raw from

cd kibana-elasticsearch/playbooks
git clone
mkdir library
cp ansible_iptables_raw/ ./library/

or disable firewalld and comment out firewall task

vi roles/kibana-elasticsearch/tasks/main.yml

- include: configure.yml
- include: enable_plugin.yml
# - include: firewall.yml
  • configure ansible_host

  • install elasticsearch + kibana on the same node and beats to the clients.
ansible-playbook -i ansible_host kibana-elasticsearch.yml --private-key=~/private-key.pem -u centos


elasticsearch + kibana

  • create data directories
sudo mkdir -p /var/data/elasticsearch; sudo chmod 777 /var/data/elasticsearch
sudo mkdir -p /var/data/kibana; sudo chmod 777 /var/data/kibana
  • build and run
cd dockerfiles
sudo docker build -t localhost/elasticsearch:v1 elasticsearch/
sudo docker build -t localhost/kibana:v1 kibana/
sudo docker run -v /var/data/elasticsearch:/var/lib/elasticsearch -p 9200:9200 -itd --name elasticsearch localhost/elasticsearch:v1
sudo docker run -v /var/data/kibana:/var/lib/kibana -p 5601:5601 -itd --name kibana --link elasticsearch:EL localhost/kibana:v1

nginx (optional)

If you need to proxy access and authentication is required for kibana, you may build nginx (reverse proxy ).

  • nginx use 5681/tcp port.
  • basic auth id / pass : elastic/changeme
sudo docker build -t localhost/nginx:v1 dockerfiles/nginx/
sudo docker run -p 5681:5681 -itd --name nginx --link kibana:KIBANA localhost/nginx:v1


  • elasticsearch

  • plugin

  • kibana

  • filebeat

  • packetbeat

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