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Apache + PHP5.3 for legacy applications
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Apache + PHP5.3 for legacy applications

PHP 5.4, despite being a minor update, introduced a series breaking changes in PHP language. There are
many legacy applications in the web that won't work with PHP older than 5.3. This docker image aims
to fix the problem, providing PHP 5.3 environment for legacy applications.

Basic Usage

Image expects application's document root to be in /web.

Create Dockerfile in root of webapplication, with one line:

FROM koder/apache-php-5.3

Build and run with:

docker build -t <project-name> .
docker run -it --rm -p 8080:80 <project-name>


This image installs dependencies automaticly, just place relevant file in root of your legacy application.

  • bower.json will run bower install
  • package.json will run npm install
  • composer.json will install composer and run composer.phar install

Using custom php.ini

If you place php.ini file in root of your application, it will be used as conf.d.


If possible, you should use smtp to send e-mails from your application. If your legacy app
relies on PHP mail() function and is impractical to rewrite, this image comes pre-installed
with ssmtp to push your emails to specified external smtp
service. To use ssmtp simply place ssmtp.conf file in root of your application. Minimal
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