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Short Description
PHP in a Docker image with almost all relevant extensions and ZTS.
Full Description

PHP Docker image (WIP)


  • builds latest stable PHP version (or define version via VERSION)
  • builds with all available extensions; as shared if possible
  • builds with ZTS
  • includes cli and fpm (no apache); nginx is included for simple development usage
  • includes couchbase extension
  • includes memcached extension
  • includes mongodb extension
  • includes redis extension
  • includes xdebug extension
  • includes pthreads extension
  • includes phalcon extension
  • includes latest composer, phpmd, phpcs, phpcbf, phploc, pdepend, phpcpd, phpmetrics, phpdox, phpunit, codeception
  • uses Debian as base (Ubuntu is too large; Alpine has too many missing packages)
  • image is as small as possible; all dev related files are removed
  • uses forego to control nginx and php-fpm processes

Installed versions and more info

Please take a look to /info/installed-libs for all installed libs incl. version. All installed PHP extensions incl. version are available in /info/installed-php-extensions.
Also /info contains all compile-logs and -errors.
See /install/* and /run/* for more info :-)

Exposed ports

  • 80: nginx http
  • 443: nginx https
  • 9000: php-fpm fastcgi


  • php conf: /usr/local/php/etc/conf.d
  • php-fpm conf: /usr/local/php/etc/php-fpm.d
  • nginx conf: /etc/nginx/conf.d
  • document root: /usr/share/nginx/html (only mount /usr/share/nginx)

Usage from host

You can either use the provided aliases to use plain commands from your host or the provided bin/files. In case you use the bin/files you have to add the bin directory to $PATH or move the files to one of your bin directories.
When using the bin/files you can use this image e.g. with PHPStorm like described here:
Note: When using docker toolbox there is only the /Users directory mounted in the VM. When you need more directories you have to add them manually like described here:


  • php-fpm starts but can't be killed with CTRL+C
  • still a lot compile-warnings; can't be good but seems to work
  • compiling phalcon takes too long; need to find out how to compile on multiple cores
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