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Docker XLS(X) to CSV Convertor

This Docker image use simple Python script to convert all XLS(X) files from input directory to CSV and export them to output directory.

It is placed on Dockerhub as well so you can simply run it wihtout local building.


Image itself does not contain shared directory setup and you have to pass it via volume option to the container.

An example structure of shared directory:

    |  +files
    |  +files

An example of config.yaml:

  input: '/data/in/files/'
  output: '/data/out/files/'

Now you can simply place your .XLS or .XLSX files to the input directory and run container as shown below:

docker run -v /YOUR_HOST_PATH/data/:/data/ konupek/docker-xls2csv

After successful run you will find find results of conversion in your output directory.

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