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factorio server running under docker
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Supported tags

  • experimental
  • stable
  • version number, check the tags page for details

Starting a server

As simple as:

$ docker run -dt koshatul/factorio:stable

Persisting the map

To persist the map, just specify a volume mount for the /saves directory:

$ mkdir saves
$ docker run -dt -v "$PWD/saves":/saves koshatul/factorio:stable

Playing in experimental (where all the fun is)

$ docker run -dt -v "$PWD/saves":/saves koshatul/factorio:experimental

Specifying a server-settings file (volume mount for the /config/server-settings.json file or /config/ directory)

$ docker run -dt -v "$PWD/saves":/saves -v "$PWD/server-settings.json":/config/server-settings.json koshatul/factorio:experimental


Released under the MIT License.

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